About Us


Onexfort’s mission is to be the global business platform where businesses can manage their operations and resources and connect seamlessly with their suppliers, service providers and other business partners. In Onexfort business-transactions flow across businesses and the connected business partners send and share their transactional data. It’s a truly connected business world in Onexfort!

Our History

Onexfort is a pivot of Moventum, a close-fit, industry-specific, job-based operations management SaaS that was developed for the removalist industry in Australia in 2017.

What’s the problem we are solving?

Business software (Enterprise software) is still being developed like in the 1970s, treating each business like a silo. With the coming of the Internet and cloud computing, the software has transformed from an on-premise model to the software-as-a-service model. However, the underlying functional architecture is still the same. The business software helps manage the resources of businesses but provides little help in connecting with the suppliers, service providers and other supporting organisations.

No business is a stand-alone. There are countless interactions happening between businesses. The reality is that many of these interactions still happen through PDF documents, although exchanged electronically by emails. The key problems are:

  • Business operations remain isolated with a business
  • Limited or no integration exists with business partners
  • Integrating with other businesses is complex and every business finds their own ways to integrate