Job Management

A visual preview of the Removalist Job Management Software

Job Management is a crucial feature of Onexfort, our SaaS software designed for removalist or moving companies.

This feature enables efficient management of jobs and provides a comprehensive overview of each job’s details.

The functionalities provided collectively provide removalist businesses with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and track their jobs, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Job Management functions include:

Job Details

This section provides an overview of the job, including payment details. It displays the pickup address, pickup date, and drop-off address for easy reference.


Users can create task reminders associated with specific jobs. This feature allows for efficient tracking and organisation of tasks related to customer communication or other job-specific activities.


The contacts section provides a list of all the contacts associated with a particular lead or customer, allowing for easy access to relevant contact information.

Activity Tab

This tab serves as a log of all communication with the lead or customer, including emails, SMS messages, and notes. It also displays any notes taken by field workers using the mobile app.


Users can write and format notes related to a job, including attachments if necessary.


Onexfort allows users to send emails directly from the platform. Users can choose from available email templates and populate dynamic fields with job-specific data. Attachments can also be added to the emails.


Users can send SMS messages through Onexfort by purchasing SMS credits. Similar to emails, users can choose from available SMS templates and populate dynamic fields with job-specific data.

Operations Tab

This tab includes various activities related to a job, such as assigning drivers, managing trucks and teams, and tracking materials used during the job. It also displays driver assessments, customer signatures, and attachments.


A job can have multiple legs, which can be created based on different criteria, such as using multiple trucks, teams, or conducting the job on different days. Each leg can have a specific pickup and drop-off address.


Within each leg, users can define multiple trips, accommodating scenarios where items need to be picked up or dropped off at different locations.

Material Issues and Returns

This section allows users to issue and return materials related to a job, particularly packing materials. Users can track quantities and add these items to the job invoice.

OHS Risk Assessment

The Pickup-OHS Assessment and Delivery-OHS Risk Assessment sections display assessments conducted by drivers using the mobile app for occupational health and safety purposes.

Invoice Tab

This tab provides detailed information about the job’s invoice, including line items, charges, discounts, and payment records. Users can generate invoice PDFs, record payments, and process Stripe payments if applicable.

Inventory Tab

This tab facilitates the management of inventory for each move. Users can fill in the inventory details either by directly speaking with the customer or by sharing an inventory form link for them to complete. The tab also allows the generation of an inventory PDF for easy reference.

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