Commercial Relocation


Streamline your commercial relocation business with Onexfort’s integrated enterprise software.

Onexfort is here to streamline your commercial relocation operations, enhance collaboration with business partners and organisations, and drive efficiency across every aspect of your business.

Experience seamless collaboration and efficiency with business partners and organisations on one platform. We understand the unique challenges and complexities that commercial relocation companies face. That’s why we have tailored our comprehensive software solution to cater specifically to the needs of commercial relocation businesses.

With Onexfort, you can manage and coordinate complex commercial relocation projects with ease. Our integrated features provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage jobs, track inventory, dispatch tasks, view your calendar, generate accurate quotes, streamline invoicing, and maintain seamless communication with clients and partners.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple tools and systems to manage your commercial relocation business. Onexfort brings everything together in one user-friendly platform, empowering you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Connect your website to our platform effortlessly, and unlock the full potential of Onexfort for your commercial relocation company. Experience the power of streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration, and efficient growth with Onexfort.

Job Management

Effortlessly manage complex commercial relocation projects that span over multiple days or even weeks. Access the comprehensive job history for every client, including detailed notes, attachments, emails, and messages. Keep track of all the intricate details and ensure a smooth and organised relocation process.

Inventory Lists

Effectively manage the inventory for commercial moves with Onexfort’s integrated inventory list and calculator. Provide your customers with direct access to fill in the inventory details, ensuring accuracy and transparency throughout the relocation. Keep track of all items, their quantities, and their locations for a seamless and efficient move.

Dispatch Jobs

Utilise our mobile app to efficiently dispatch jobs to your drivers and crew members. Assign specific tasks, track progress, and communicate effectively to ensure timely and coordinated execution of the commercial relocation project. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure a synchronised effort.

Calendar View

Visualise and manage all your commercial relocation projects, vehicles, teams, and deadlines with ease. Onexfort’s calendar view provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your schedule, allowing you to effectively allocate resources, manage timelines, and ensure efficient project management.

Quoting and Invoicing

Simplify your quoting and invoicing processes with Onexfort’s integrated Stripe and Xero integration. Generate accurate and professional quotes for commercial relocation projects, taking into account the complexity, scope, and specific requirements of each move. Streamline your invoicing and accounting processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your financial management.

Emails & Messages

Communicate seamlessly with your clients and business partners directly from the job page. Send emails and messages, share updates, and maintain a clear line of communication throughout the commercial relocation process. Keep everyone informed and address any queries or concerns promptly.

Sign up now and experience the future of commercial relocation management with Onexfort. Together, let’s take your business to new heights of efficiency, productivity, and success!