Emails & Messages

Removalist Email & Messaging Management Software

Onexfort offers a comprehensive email and messaging system to facilitate communication with your customers.

This feature enables efficient management of jobs and provides a comprehensive overview of each job’s details.

With customisable email templates, automated email and SMS sequences, and a centralised activity log, managing customer communications becomes efficient and organised.

Emails & Messages functionality include:

Email Templates

  • Create personalised email templates with placeholders to streamline your communication process.
  • Customise templates for various stages of the customer journey, such as initial inquiries, estimates, confirmations, and follow-ups.
  • Utilise placeholders to automatically populate customer-specific information, such as names, addresses, and job details.

SMS Templates

  • Send text messages to customers using predefined SMS templates.
  • Tailor SMS templates to deliver concise and effective messages, such as reminders or updates.


  • Set up email and SMS sequences to automate your communication workflow.
  • Define the triggers and timing for each sequence, ensuring timely and relevant messages are sent to customers.
  • Automate processes such as sending welcome emails, follow-ups after estimates, or post-job surveys.

Activity Log

  • Keep a comprehensive record of all communications with customers in the activity tab of the opportunity and job pages.
  • View a chronological history of emails, SMS, Notes, and other interactions with customers, allowing for easy reference and follow-up.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of customer communications for transparency and accountability.

With Onexfort’s Emails & Messages functionality, you can streamline your customer communication, automate processes, and maintain a detailed record of all interactions. This ensures efficient and effective communication throughout the entire customer journey, enhancing your overall customer experience.

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