Quoting & Invoicing

Removalist Quoting & Invoicing Management Software

The Quoting & Invoicing functionality on Onexfort provide essential functionality for estimating and creating invoices for your jobs.

Streamline the process of estimating job costs, creating invoices, and managing payments for efficient financial operations.

Quoting & Invoicing functionality include:

Estimate Tab

  • Create estimates for your opportunities and provide quotes to customers.
  • Choose between hourly or fixed-price quotes based on the job type.
  • Enables the “BOOK NOW” button in email templates when using Stripe for payments.

Invoice Tab

  • Create invoices for confirmed bookings and add line items to them.
  • Each job can have only one invoice, which can include multiple line items.


  • Apply fixed or percentage discounts to estimates or invoices to provide pricing flexibility to your customers.

Deposit Requirements

  • Automatically calculate and set the deposit required for the job based on your settings.
  • Modify the deposit amount if necessary.

Generate PDF

  • Generate PDF documents for estimates and invoices to share with customers or download for your records.
  • Attach estimate and invoice PDFs to your emails directly if desired.

Payment Recording

  • Record payments related to the invoice within the Payments section.
  • Track payment method, amount, and date for accurate financial management.

Actual Hours

  • View the recorded actual hours worked by your field workers for each job.
  • Edit or manually enter the actual start and finish times as needed.


  • Apply additional charges to the invoice, such as surcharges or fees, if necessary.

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