Moving Software for
Movers and Removalists


Streamline your residential removalist business with Onexfort’s all-in-one integrated software.

Onexfort is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that streamlines every aspect of the moving process. Our mission is to simplify the way you manage your business, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your growth.

Job Management

Job Management is a crucial feature of Onexfort, our SaaS software designed to streamline the operations of removalist or moving companies. This feature enables efficient management of jobs and provides a comprehensive overview of each job’s details. Access the job history for every client, including notes, attachments, emails, and messages.


Inventory List & Calculator

Integrated Inventory list and calculator with direct access for your customers to fill-in. Designed to manage and track the details of the inventory for each move and enables removalist companies to efficiently record and organise inventory information.


Dispatch Jobs

Use our mobile app to easily dispatch jobs to your drivers, and track their progress. The Dispatch Jobs and Mobile dashboard provides an overview of the features available for dispatching jobs to drivers and the functionality of the mobile app used by the drivers.


Calendar View

Have a visual representation of all your jobs, vehicles, team and deadlines. Also known as the Job Schedule page, it provides a comprehensive and organised view of the jobs in a calendar format – Day, Week, and Month.


Quoting & Invoicing

The Quoting and Invoicing functionality on Onexfort provide essential functionality for estimating and creating invoices for your jobs.  And with Stripe and Xero integration, accounting is a breeze.


Emails & Messages

Onexfort offers a comprehensive email and messaging system to facilitate communication with your customers. With customisable email templates, automated email and SMS sequences, and a centralised activity log, managing customer communications becomes efficient and organised.


Why choose the Onexfort platform for your business?

  • Consolidate all your business operations onto one fully integrated platform
  • Improve efficiency, reduce confusion and double handling
  • Works on mobile, laptop or desktop – use from anywhere
  • Simplifies the moving process for your customers, enhancing their experience
  • Suitable for removal businesses of all sizes
  • Designed to be scalable and flexible, catering to your needs of your business grows
Two professional movers carrying boxes


Signing up to a new platform can be confusing. Not to worry, one of our team members can walk you through the sign up process one on one.