Calendar View

A preview for the Removalist Job Management Calendar View Software

The Calendar View, also known as the Job Schedule page, provides a comprehensive and organised view of the jobs in a calendar format. This page offers three different views: Day, Week, and Month.

The Calendar View provides a visual representation of the job schedule, allowing for easy management and organization of jobs within different time frames and vehicle groups.

Calendar View functionality includes:

Vehicle Group Filtering

Users can select a specific vehicle group from the “Vehicle Group” select box at the top of the calendar. By default, all vehicle groups are displayed, but selecting a group will show only the vehicles belonging to that group and the jobs assigned to those vehicles.

Day View

In the Day view, vehicles are listed on the left section, and the jobs assigned to the vehicles are displayed as blocks on the right section of the calendar. Jobs that are not assigned to any vehicle are shown in the “Unassigned” row at the bottom of the calendar.

Month/Week View

In the Month and Week views, only the jobs scheduled for each day are displayed on the calendar. Vehicles are not shown in these views.

Job Block and Colour Coding

  • Each job leg assigned for the day is displayed as a separate block on the calendar in all three views.
  • Job blocks are colour-coded using three different bands: Left Band, Middle Band, and Right Band.

Left Band

  • The left band indicates the payment status of the job.
  • A red-coloured left band represents an invoice with no payment received.
  • An orange-coloured left band indicates a deposit or partial payment received for the invoice.
  • A green-coloured left band signifies a fully paid invoice.
  • It is recommended to have green-coloured left bands for past jobs (fully paid) and orange-coloured left bands for future jobs (deposit or partial payment received).

Middle Band

  • The middle band represents the vehicle colour, which can be customised for each vehicle on the Vehicles settings page.
  • The middle band also displays the job number, customer name, estimated start time of the leg, and assigned driver.
  • Additional details are available in a mouse-over pop-up.

Right Band

  • The right band denotes the leg assignment status to drivers.
  • No right band appears if no driver is assigned to the leg.
  • A red-coloured right band indicates a driver assignment without notification or awaiting job acceptance.
  • A green-coloured right band represents the driver accepting the job.
  • A black-coloured right band signifies job completion.
  • It is recommended to have black-coloured right bands for past jobs (completed) and green-coloured right bands for future jobs (driver assigned and accepted).

Mouse-Over Job Summary

Hovering over a job block displays a pop-up with a summary of the complete job leg details, including job number, pickup and delivery addresses, customer details, assigned vehicle, and assigned drivers and offsiders.
Dragging and Expanding Job Blocks:

  • Job blocks can be adjusted by clicking and pulling from either side to allocate more or less time for the job.
  • Job blocks can be dragged to different time slots within the day.
  • Job blocks can be moved from the “Unassigned” section to any other vehicle or from one vehicle to another.
  • Clicking on a job block opens the job page in a new tab for detailed information.

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