Dispatch Jobs

Dispatch Jobs

The Dispatch Jobs and Mobile App page provides an overview of the features available for dispatching jobs to drivers and the functionality of the mobile app used by the drivers.

The Dispatch Jobs and Mobile App functionality streamlines the dispatch process, enables efficient communication with drivers, and empowers drivers to complete jobs effectively using the mobile app.

Dispatching Jobs functionality include:

Dispatching Jobs

  • Using the web application, jobs can be dispatched to drivers efficiently.
  • In the leg section, users can edit leg details, such as leg date, estimated start and finish times, pickup and drop-off addresses.
  • Dispatch notes can be added to provide specific instructions to the driver, which are visible on the driver’s mobile app.
  • Drivers and vehicles can be assigned to the leg.
  • The leg status automatically updates when assigning a driver and when the driver starts and completes the job.
  • Once a driver is assigned, a mobile app notification can be sent to notify the driver about the job assignment.


  • Multiple offsiders can be assigned to each job leg, but only one driver can be assigned.
  • Offsiders receive mobile app notifications with job details but cannot accept or complete the job like the driver.

Mobile App Features

  • Job Details: Drivers can access job details, including customer name, contact number, pickup and drop-off addresses, and estimated start and finish times. Location icons allow navigation to addresses using default Map apps.
  • Starting and Finishing Jobs: Drivers can start and finish jobs, capturing actual start and finish times. The app also allows for adjustments to start and end times if needed.
  • Notes to Driver: Dispatch notes from the operations tab are displayed, providing additional instructions to the driver.
  • Team: Driver and offsider names and contact numbers are shown in this section.
  • Attachments: Drivers can take photos related to the job and upload them using the mobile app.
  • Inventory: Drivers can access the inventory page to cross-check items during pickup and delivery. The total cubic volume of the inventory is displayed.
  • OHS Risk Assessment: Drivers can conduct an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) assessment using the mobile app. Assessments are done separately for pickup and delivery, with options to select risks, add notes, and submit assessments.
  • Taking Notes: Drivers can take and submit multiple notes related to the job using the mobile app. Submitted notes can be viewed in the web application’s Activity tab.
  • Customer Sign Off: The customer sign-off page allows for pre-job and post-job agreements and signatures. Customers can confirm their agreement by signing on the mobile app.
  • Payment: Drivers can record payments using various methods such as Stripe, Cash, or Bank Transfer.
  • Packing Material: Drivers can record packing material issues and returns on the mobile app, allowing for accurate tracking and invoicing.
  • Update & Generate Invoice: After updating material issues and returns, the “Update and Generate Invoice” button can be clicked to add these items to the invoice.

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